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  • A Day in the Life: Team Well TO Do

What’s a day in the life of some of our favorite wellness professionals like? In our featured column, A Day In The Life, we’re giving you a glimpse into a typical jam-packed day for these members of our community.

Eme Housser and Alyssa Ages are the team behind Well TO Do, Toronto’s go-to guide for all things fitness and wellness. When they’re not working on the website or hosting an event, you can find them at the gym, fitting in a moment of zen, or getting their sweat on.



Alyssa: I’ve started trying to embrace a new routine recently where before I open my email or social media, I head over to my little zen space and give myself 10 minutes to meditate. I’m all about the Headspace app since quieting my mind isn’t something I’m great at solo. Then I’ll usually make a smoothie or a bowl of oats and fruit before hitting up a workout.


Eme: I am also cognizant of not heading straight for my phone. Instead I spend probably 5-10 minutes petting my cat, Toast, who always visits as soon as he hears me wake up. I then spend a few minutes stretching or laying on a bolster to get my back warmed up for the day. I recently got a juicer so I’m loving making celery juice first thing in the morning. I’ll also heat up some dandelion tea and make eggs with veggies or microgreens to start my day.  



Alyssa: I love lifting, Lagree classes, and yoga, but running has always been my first love. If I can, I’ll get out for a run and do a little bodyweight work when I get back. I always find that I’m way more focused and ready to tackle work after a good sweat.


Eme: I try to lift weights three times a week (usually at Equinox) and the other days you can find me either spinning my heart out (a newfound love), doing some restorative pilates or yoga, or reading my Kindle on the stair stepper when I don’t have much time or enough energy to attend a class.  



Alyssa: Whenever possible, I head over to Impact for lunch. I swear I love the entire menu but nine times out of ten, I’m ordering the kale caesar with chicken.


Eme: I also love Impact Kitchen (and always order the Detox Bowl with pickled red onions) but since my day job is in the financial district, I generally pack my own lunch: a salad with whatever is in my fridge from the weekend market, tofu, and a homemade apple cider vinaigrette. Today’s lunch was salmon and market greens (sprout salad and microbeets from Kind Organics), market apple, and snap peas.



Alyssa & Eme: We mostly work solo and check in with each other on text (and are often confused when we receive texts from other people while with one another) and the phone but whenever we can, but it’s awesome to sit down together and do some long-term planning (we have some seriously exciting stuff coming up!). We’ll often work on building out our content calendar, planning on our next event (a meditation and mindful movement class followed by beer tasting, and an intention-setting class are on the horizon).



Alyssa & Eme: We also try to hit up local events whenever possible. Both of us have gotten really into meditation and we try to make it to group sits whenever we can. One of our favourites has become the series at Kit & Ace on Queen Street West with the incredible Cassidy of Radiate Happy. She always begins by cleansing the space with Palo Santo, and her guided meditations are consistently calming and enlightening.



Alyssa: Having recently discovered that I seem to be intolerant to just about everything, I do a lot of cooking at home for my husband and myself. I try to do a meal prep on Sunday night so there’s enough food in the fridge that I’m not reaching for something quick and unhealthy when I’m starving. My go-to is a giant slow cooker full of Chicken Enchilada Stew from PaleOMG’s website or, in the fall, anything with squash. I recently made a kabocha squash stuffed with grass-fed beef and kale that I devoured immediately after taking this photo.


Eme: Also having accepted that I have an incredibly finicky stomach, I cook my own dinners most evenings – generally curries or stir fry with lots of veggies, or a piece of salmon or chicken on our rooftop barbeque.  The dinner below is homemade tofu curry with Saha (local, gluten free) curry and tons of veggies (zucchini, pepper, onion, fresh ginger and turmeric).


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