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Our Values

Fuel Evolution

We are dedicated to the constant growth and evolution of our menu, our team, and our community. We create a dynamic environment by learning from experts in our field, supporting the education of our team, and valuing the insight and feedback to our customers.

Show Respect

We honour the elegant simplicity of ingredients and hold in high esteem the producers and artisans who create them. We are driven by an admiration for our customers and their goal of living well, and we are committed to serving them food created with passion and reverence.

Impact the Community

We believe that when you empower people to make healthy choices, they remain committed to a lifestyle that supports those goals. When we stop counting, obsessing, stressing, and ‘dieting’ we begin to feel better, love better, look better and live happier. This positive lifestyle has the potential to make a real and lasting impact on ourselves and the world around us.

Our Philosophy

Eat Real Food

When your food goes through processing, it loses a lot of its original character. Processed foods tend to be lower in nutrients and higher in preservatives.

Our Impact:

Food is perfect just the way it is: unmodified, unrefined, unprocessed. At Impact Kitchen, we only serve the highest-quality, nutrient-rich, real, whole foods.

Be Plant-Powered

From improving cell health to maximizing performance, a diet rich in plants helps keep you lean and healthy.

Our Impact:

Impact Kitchen uses the freshest, highest-quality, local, plant-based ingredients to pack a nutritional and delicious punch.

High Quality Protein is a Must

Protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of bones and tissue. It helps us build muscle, keeps us satiated longer, and aids in increasing bone density. But make sure you reach for clean, ethically raised proteins; if your protein comes from an animal that was fed an unnatural diet and given hormones and antibiotics, then those substances are making their way into your system too.

Our Impact:

At Impact Kitchen we focus on serving high-quality, hormone- and antibiotic-free proteins from Canadian farmers.

Embrace Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are critical to your overall health and have been shown to support metabolism, absorption of key nutrients, and immunity.   

Our Impact:

We proudly incorporate coconut products, olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds and grass-fed butter into our food.

Drink to Your Health

Hydration helps bring the good stuff to your cells and take the bad stuff out of your body. What you sip to quench your thirst matters.

Our Impact:

From organic cold-pressed juices, to sipping bone broths, smoothies,  bold tea blends and coffee boosted with beneficial oils and spices, we make your healthy hydration a priority.   

Be Sweet to Yourself

Associated with long-term issues like diabetes, chronic heart disease and obesity.  Sugar gets you high and brings you crashing down – fast.

Our Impact:

You’ll never find added conventional sugars in our food. At Impact Kitchen, we only sweeten your food with: coconut sugar, honey, and maple syrup.

Our Action

Impact Nation

More than just fueling your healthy lifestyle, we want give our community a place to feel connected. Impact Nation is a free, community-driven movement, bringing people together through healthy lifestyle events including fitness classes, talks from community leaders, and workshops, led by Toronto’s favorite wellness professionals.

Check back often to learn about and sign up for our upcoming events. And remember to share your experience with the rest of your tribe by using #ImpactNation.