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Impacting the Community

Kitchen Manager Harper Guo

January 12th, 2024

In this series, we take a look at the amazing work being accomplished by members of our community. These are the game-changers, the inspirational leaders, and the passion-driven individuals who are changing our community, our health and our planet.

Q: Introduce yourself: tell us who you are and what you do at Impact Kitchen?

A: ​​Hello everyone, my name is Harper and I am currently the Kitchen Manager at Impact Kitchen King West (formerly Impact Adelaide).

Q: What has your journey at Impact looked like & what has been the highlight to date?

A: I started with Impact Kitchen back in 2018 when King West opened, and I have been growing and learning within this location ever since. The biggest highlight of working at Impact has been meeting so many amazing people and creating bonds with them. This has led to such wonderful memories of my time living in Canada.

Q: What is your favourite thing about your role?

A: My favourite thing that this role provides me is the ability to continue improving. I enjoy this because I am the kind of person who loves to challenge new things and keep things organized no matter what it is I do. This is due to me being very task-oriented and working within guidelines, and this is what helps me to achieve a favourable outcome.

Q: Outside of work, what lights you up? What are some of your hobbies & interests?

A: MY CATS! :) Jokes aside, the thing that lights me up most is coming home to be with my cats. They are my therapy when life becomes tough sometimes. One of my hobbies is staying at home and reading books. It is the best time for me when two furry friends are sitting beside me while reading books. My favourite topic to read about right now is psychology, it allows me to see from different perspectives and open my mind to a variety of thoughts that I may not have considered in the past.

Q: Impacting the community is important to our team, what does ‘community’ mean to you?

A: To me, community means having a space to share with everyone, a space where we can all learn from each other and grow together, a space where everyone is safe to share ideas and help each other. A community is a place where we can establish new connections with others and share our interests.

Q: What is your favourite Impact Kitchen menu item & why?

A: My favourite item on the menu is the Zesty Mexican Power Bowl. The reason is that it's so filling, nutritious and tasty. Adding on steak makes it even more perfect. I would suggest everyone to give it a try!

Q: How do you strive to make an Impact every day?

A: The biggest thing I strive towards for everyone is offering them the tools, knowledge and understanding to succeed in a fast-paced working environment. I want to create a working environment where everyone feels that they belong here as part of our impact community, and we bring joy and make an impact every day together.

We look forward to introducing you to more members of our community who are making an Impact every day.


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