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Impact Kitchen was founded on the belief that food has the power to shape our daily lives. That real, wholesome ingredients, prepared simply and with integrity, can provide us with the energy to take on the day with purpose and optimism.
Founded in 2015, Impact Kitchen is the brainchild of former personal trainer and nutrition expert, Josh Broun, and Frank Toskan (co-founder of M·A·C Cosmetics). 
Josh had always been inspired by Frank’s story of successful entrepreneurship and dedication to impacting the community, and the two built a strong relationship over many years of working together with Josh as Frank’s trainer. During their sessions, they would discuss the gap in the Toronto marketplace for healthy places to eat and drink, and over time, an idea began to brew: what if there was a place that made living a healthier lifestyle easy and accessible?
So they created a place where anyone can be confident that the food they are eating supports the life they want to lead. We work closely with our farmers and suppliers to ensure all our fresh, local, and organic ingredients are of the highest quality. With the support of our team of chefs, nutritionists, and wellness experts, we are dedicated to ensuring each item on our menu has a nutritional purpose (and tastes amazing too).
Whether you stop into a location for a coffee or power bowl or are looking for healthy catering, Impact Kitchen strives to become part of your everyday.

"We are going to make it with high quality ingredients or we aren't going to make it."  - Frank Toskan (Co-Founder)


Our mission is to empower our community to eat healthy, nutritionally-dense foods with a focus on quality and sustainability. We know that what you eat matters, and we seek to make an impact by choosing local, ethically-sourced ingredients that will nourish you and help you thrive everyday.


Be Purpose Driven

Everything we do at Impact is done with purpose. Our menu is created with a nutrition first mindset, our teams are composed of an amazing diverse group to create the world's best hospitality and our passion and pride for our community drives us towards excellence everyday.

Impact the Community

When you empower people to make healthy choices, they remain committed to a lifestyle that supports those goals. We are driven by an admiration for our community and their goal of living well, and we are committed to serving them food created with passion and purpose.

Create Momentum

We believe that every day is an opportunity for growth and innovation. At Impact our daily habits and routines create a pathway for forward motion to make an impact.


Eat Real Food

We think food is perfect just the way it is: unmodified, unrefined, unprocessed. We serve only the highest-quality, real, whole foods to maintain optimal nutrition and food integrity.

Be Plant Powered

We know that plant-based foods set the stage for good health, so we use fresh, local ingredients as the foundation of our menu to pack a nutritional—and delicious—punch.


We believe in quality, so we work hard to source sustainably - and ethically - sourced proteins from local, Canadian farmers - without the use of hormones and antibiotics.

Embrace Healthy Fats

We understand the role fat plays in energy, metabolism and cognitive function, and proudly incorporate healthy fats—like olive oil, avocados, coconut, nuts, seeds, grass-fed butter and ghee—into our menu.

Drink to Your Health

We make healthy hydration easy with our cold pressed juices, sipping broths, smoothies, herbal tea blends and functional hot drinks, so you can make every sip count.

Be Sweet to Yourself

We only sweeten our food and beverages with natural, minimally-processed sweeteners—like coconut sugar, maple syrup and honey—so that you can indulge without guilt.

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